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The most unusual post I never thought I would write

Consider this: Stop posting on your blog to succeed as a blogger

Sharing my thoughts about the Blogging process. My most unusual post to date… Since 2009/10 I have spent much of my time learning and improving my WordPress and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills, so that I can provide these services to local businesses. These skills are my primary source of online revenue. That being said; […]

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You cannot make money Blogging! You need to sell…

To Make Money Blogging You Need To Sell Something

The Days of Making Money Blogging are Gone This is a topic I have been thinking about writing for some time now and while it may ruffle a few feathers or sound depressing, it’s the truth! There was a time where you could make money simply by blogging (posting content), but those days are long […]

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Follow the process I use to create blog content

The method I use to create blog content

Blog Content: From topic selection to published It’s Monday Morning and today is the day I post new articles to my Blog. I’ve been away on holiday for a week (without Internet Access) and while I normally start with preparation for my Blog Posts on the Friday before, this week I’m pressed for time and […]

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The paradox of choice and its negative affect

Too many choices can turn your prospects away

Too many choices may cost you sales. The paradox of choice is a book and a debate raised by author and psychologist Barry Schartz back in 2005, where he raised the issue of too many choices leading to indecisive buyers, poor expectations, over expectations and overall complication in today’s modern lifestyle. Studies have been done […]

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Ouch! Find out what happened to my organic traffic


My Blogs Organic Traffic has disappeared Yes, Google’s recent updates have had a crippling affect on my blogs organic traffic. For years I have followed and implemented only ‘white hat’ SEO methods complying with Google’s Best Practices as I understand them. Where I was uncertain of a SEO method, I’d rather not implement it, than […]

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How to choose a niche for affiliate marketing

How to choose a niche or topic for your online business

Choosing a niche for your online business There is ONE thing that will really influence the amount of money you make online and that is choosing the correct Niche. For those of you who do not know what a niche is; a niche is the topic or subject your website or blog will focus on. […]

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What you really need to know about Web Hosting for WordPress


WordPress Web Hosting Tips and Advice. When it comes to choosing a Web Hosting Service for your online business, there are so many choices, it can quickly become confusing and intimidating. Almost every single Web Hosting Company is now offering ‘WordPress Web Hosting‘, but there are a few things you should know before you pull […]

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Use these Free Google Tools to promote your business

10 Free Google Tools - Use these to market your online business

10 Google Tools to market your business. This is a post I was preparing for my Business Blog (launching soon), but I decided to re-write and post it here due to the fact that it may help some of you. Instead of going into detail about each of these 10 Free Google Tools I’ll give […]

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How to Identify and Stop Affiliate Link Hijacking

How to identify and prevent Affiliate Link Hijacking

An in-depth look at Affiliate Linkjacking I wrote a post last week where I explained how to cloak affiliate links. This post resulted in my receiving several queries about how affiliate link hijacking works and how it could affect ones commission. I haven’t seen the latest stats (if there are any), but I have heard […]

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Why Affiliate Marketers use Cloaked Links

Why use Cloaked Links and How to implement them

What are Cloaked Links and How I use them. If you are not sure what Affiliate Marketing is, then please read this post first. Affiliate Marketers use cloaked links for numerous reasons. The most common being to track their affiliate link clicks and conversions; to provide better looking affiliate links for improved click through rates […]

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